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It’s Not About Sex

Published Date: January 8, 2002

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5.2 x 0.7 x 8 inches


It’s Not About Sex is the story of a sizzling love triangle that starts with a slow burn and builds to a thrilling and deadly climax.  As America’s richest and most successful contemporary painter, Leonard Hirsh has everything a man could want – fame, wealth, and a beautiful young wife.  When he learns of a gifted artist, Ray Martin, painting in a solitary prison cell, Lennie uses all his influence to have Ray paroled into his care. He then risks his own reputation by introducing the talented young ex-con into the New York City art world, to instant acclaim.  He also brings Ray into his personal life, providing a guest house on the Hirsh’s grand country estate, Schoolcross, which was the inheritance of his wife, the former Nora Van Leuyden Longworth.  Lennie and Nora live in the Schoolcross big house in eccentric splendor, surrounded by their entourage of friends, employees, and hangers-on who inhabit the nearby cottages, enjoying the riches flowing from Lennie’s enormous financial success.The story is narrated by James Bradley, an art dealer who shares the Schoolcross guest house with Ray. Bradley’s access to Ray, Nora, and Lennie gives him an inside look at the drama that builds from the moment Ray is released from prison until the searing finish.

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41Sw7aVUy-L._UX250_  David Kalergis studied fiction writing under the late Peter Taylor at the University of Virginia and has published several articles and short stories. It’s Not About Sex is his first novel. He and his wife–documentary photographer Mary Motley Kalergis–live in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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